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Shisha tobacco

Shisha is a water pipe that comes from the Arabian countries. Meanwhile, the shisha is worldwide known and popular. With the hookah people mostly prefer tobaccos with fruit or similar flavors. In principle, the shisha works similar to the bong. The smoke is drawn through a first-called Bowl, with water-filled vessel. The water is cooled and the smoke particulates and water-soluble components of partially filtered out.

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zero shisha

ZERO Shisha tobacco

100g pure hookah tobacco

NO Tar - NO Nicotine - NO Tobacco

Available in various flavors !!!!

13,49 EUR
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Al Fakher shisha tobacco

Al Fakher shisha tobacco

250g shisha tobacco

Al Fakher is the leading brand of hookah tobaccos. 

27,79 EUR
excl. Shipping costs

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