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Order Process

It is easy to order from us:

1. Customer account or a guest order.

In our online shop you can choose between a customer's account and a host order.

A new account has the advantage for you that you order at any time password and inquire about the status of their orders. Furthermore, a re-entry of all data at the next appointment is not necessary anymore.

With a host order, your order information is retrieved automatically when you go to the checkout.

2. Select Item and order

Create your free item to their shopping cart. Now click on "Go to Checkout". Now you can buy the contents of your shopping cart easily using our order form.


3. Information and ideas enter

You want to tell us additional information about your order? No problem. Simply enter their suggestions and information in the specially created a text box on the order form.


4. Done!

Once you have completed your order you will receive a confirmation message with all data. Your order will be processed immediately by us. In addition, you will receive an email when we dispatch your goods.